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Boric Acid
Character tics
Nature : Boron Compound
Aspect : White crystalline powder/granular
Solubility : Soluble in water
  • Boric Acid has mild antiseptic properties
  • It prevents growth of moulds and bacteria.
  • Used as food preservative in storage of grains and washing of fruits prior to long distance shipments.
  • Used as ingredient for mouth washes, eye lotions and antiseptic dusting powders.
  • Its property to form boron alloys find application its in metallurgy process.
  • Used in dyes and pigments industry in manufacturing of phthalocynine blue.
  • Photography ( in developers)
  • Glass – Borosillicate heat and chemical resistance glasses.
  • Ceramics – in preparation of hard glazes.
  • Preservation of woods – it inhibits growth of wood destroying moulds.
  • Used in Textile industry – in treatment of nylon and other yarns and in stiff bleach finishing.
Available Forms
  • Powder (fineness upto –200 mesh) form.
  • Granular (+80 mesh BS) form.
Boron Trioxide (B2O3) : 56.3% Min.
Matter insoluble in H20 : 0.05% Max.
Matter insoluble in Alcohol : 0.05% Max.
Chloride (Cl) : 0.04% Max.
Phosphate (PO4)   0.01% Max.
Sulphate (SO3)   0.03% Max.
Arsenic (As)   0.02% Max.
Iron (Fe)   0.03% Max.
Heavy Metals  (Pb) : 0.01% Max.
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