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Formic Acid (85% Min.)

Total Acidity as HCOOH : 85 % by mass min.
Water : Rest
Total Insoluble Matter : To pass the test
Heavy Metals as Pb : 20 ppm max.
Chlorides as Cl : 0.005% max. by mass
Non Volatile Matter : 0.08% max. by mass
Sulphate as SO4 : 0.005% max. by weight
Iron as Fe : 50 ppm max.
Boiling Point : 107 deg C
Melting Point : (-) 15 deg C
Specific Gravity : 1.192 at 25 deg C
CAS No. : 64-18-6
UN No. : 1776
Used as a coagulant for obtaining rubber from latex.
As an auxiliary for delining and pickling of fur, fixing of dyes-in leather industry and in processing in textile industry.
As an intermediate in manufacturing of basic drugs, plant protection agents, pesticides, vulcanisation accelerators,   antioxidants and cleaning agents.
Used in preservation of silage and grams.
Used in electroplating and as a solvent as well.
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