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We work as a sales representative of M/s Sarvesh Refractories Limited for marketing its entire range of refractories in the region of Gujarat and also for Exports to various countries.

M/s Sarvesh Refractories Limited are one of the leading refractory manufacturers of the country accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certified company equipped with all the modern facilities to manufacture a complete range of high performance new generation refractories to cater the project requirement qualitatively and also quantitatively. Company has manufacturing units in Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat to cater the need of different regions of the country

We can supply the following products as per customer's requirement and specifications :

Refractories for Ladle  
  • Mag Carbon/ AMC
  • Purging Plug & accessories
  • Basic Burnt Refractories
  • Ladle Well blocks for Purge Plug
  • High Alumina Refractories
  • Nozzle Filling Compound
  • Upper and Lower Nozzles
  • Monolithics & Castables
  • SAF 1Q, 2QC
    Refractories for Blast Furnace  
  • Fire Clay & High Alumina bricks
  • Checkers
  • Ranges of Mortars and Carbonaceous
  • Carbon Blocks for Blast Furnace Hearth
  • Ramming Masses  
  • Anhydrous Tar and Resin Bonded
    Mudgun/Trough Mass  
    Refractories for Cement Industry  
  • 60-80% High Alumina Low Ferric Sulphur
  • 35-50% Alumina Bricks for various zones
  • resistant Bauxite based Refractories of Cement Rotary Kiln
  • Dense conventional castables in ranges
  • Low cement castable from 60-90%
  • Basic bricks for Burning Zone
  • Alumina
  • Ultra Low cement castables
    Refractories for EAF  
  • Low Ferric bauxite based Roof Set
  • M-95 Tap Hole Filling mass
  • M-87 Magnesite Ramming Mass
  • Dry Ramming mass for bottom
  • Mag Carbon/AMC and Basic Burnt
    Refractories for Vertical Shaft and Lime Rotary Kiln
  • 60-70% High Alumina Bricks
  • 45% Alumina Dense Bricks
  • Mag Chrome Bricks
  • Low Cement Castables
    Refractories for Coke Oven  
  • Fire Clay and High Alumina ranging from 36-
  • Mortars and Gunning Masses for oven
  • 54% Alumina walls
  • Shape bricks for oven wall, sole, door and
    Refractories for Converter  
  • Mag Carbon/AMC
  • Basic Burnt Refractories
  • M-87 Ramming Mass
  • M-95 Ramming Mass
  • Gunning and Spray Masses
    Refractories for Tundish  
  • Tundish Slide Plates
  • Upper and Lower Nozzles for Tundishes
  • Tundish Spray Masses
  • Castable for Fixing Well Blocks
  • Tundish Zircon Nozzles
  • Tundish seating and Well Blocks
  • Tundish Precast impact Blocks
    Refractories for other Ferrous & Non-Ferrous segments
  • High Alumina Refractories
  • Low Cement Ultra Monoblocks
  • Basic Mag-Chrome Refractories
  • 50-95% Ultra-Tech Castable
  • Special Anode Baking Bricks
  • Range of Monolithics & Plastics
  • Precast Prefired Shapes
    Refractories for Billet Producing Mini Steel Plants
  • Basic Burnt Refractories
  • Gunning & Nozzle Filling Compounds
  • AMC & Magnesia Carbon Refractories
  • Saflow/1QC/2QC Slide plates &
  • High Alumina Refractories
  • accessories
  • Precast & Pouring Refractories
  • Cast House Tap hole & Runner
  •   Refractories
  • Series of Hi-Tech Monolithic
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